Why Us?

We are the positive disruptor, empowering organisations to transform efficiently with data-enabled insights.
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It’s time for change...

Disruption of the established way change is delivered is long overdue. Organisations continue to adopt dated processes and technologies, managing complex change on multiple spreadsheets, which become landfill for insightful data.

This often leads to a reactive position where key data only comes to light once things have started to go wrong.

The additional challenges created by opinionated data, inconsistency and unnecessary complexity cost businesses millions every year in overruns, unplanned expenditure and avoidable operational disruption.

This is accepted as normal, we don't think it should be and are on a mission to change this.

of all organisational transformation and change initiatives fail.
of change management initiatives are successful over the long term.
Willis Towers Watson

It starts with experts.

Serendata is part of the Sysdoc group delivering exceptional business transformation programmes for over 30 years.

Whether it's complex programmes or more discrete pieces, our mandate is to enable simpler, smarter ways of working.

Serendata Insight is a culmination of that philosophy taking our experience, expertise and applying our know-how to address the frustrations, inefficiencies and missed opportunities we see time and time again in organisations trying to change their business for the better.

Leading the charge for smarter, data-led change.

More than just technology.

Developed with experts from the aviation industry, Serendata Insight has been created alongside the Sysdoc Flight Path™ approach incorporating all the rigour and principles from aviation to make sure your change lands successfully.

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By combining Flight Path™ and Serendata Insight, you can not only supercharge your immediate change delivery, but provide a framework for your business-as-usual teams to adopt, embedding performance controls; providing everything needed to continually improve on incentives already delivered to your business.

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Aviation Principle 1.0
Human Factors

Understanding what they are and how they can influence behaviours and decision making.

Aviation Principle 2.0
Learning From Experience

Capturing lessons learned ensuring continuous improvement and eliminating repeated mistakes.

Aviation Principle 3.0
Just Culture

Establishing a blame free, Just Culture, changing behaviours to encourage and recognise openness and transparency.

Aviation Principle 4.0
End-To-End Process

Recognising the value of clearly documented and communicated End-to-End Process and your role in making it work.

Aviation Principle 5.0
Data-Driven Decisions

Making Data-Driven Decisions, providing an evidence base enabling more dynamic, confident decision making.

Aviation Principle 6.0
Experiential Learning

Using Experiential Learning techniques to provide safe learning environments simulating real world environments and challenges.​​​​​​​

Introducing an effective, repeatable approach.

Increase your change proficiency using a repeatable, proven approach to change.

  • Improve preparation and alignment.
  • Make evidence-based decisions.
  • Get greater visibility of your risks and issues.
  • Optimise engagement and participation.
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Driving change efficiently.

Apply a scalable approach across multiple programmes, 
projects, geographies and teams.

  • Gain timely change data with visualised reporting.
  • Automate high value, low effort data gathering and reporting activities.
  • Better leverage of client and junior resources.
  • Create consistency and alignment between change programmes.
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