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5 November 2021

Cross function labelling has been introduced across all of the key work areas, enabling you to better categorise and group data and additional Visualisations have been added to give you even more visibility of your data.

New Features

  • Cross function labeling has been introduced to enable you to categorise and group together varying data sets across the system.

  • Additional visualisations have been brought into the Visualise my data sections, giving you an even deeper snapshot of the data within each Key work area.

  • A new Action bar has been added across the list view, on Stakeholders, Impacts, and Mitigations.


  • Additional fields have been added to the export functionality on Impacts, including a numeric value for Impact Level as well as Mitigation confidence.

Bug fixes

  • Mitigation Confidence is now showing the correct value when hovering over it on the Impact list view.

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