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31 December 2021

Multiple new charts have been added to the Visualise my data sections across the site, improvements have been implemented across filtering and we have made a significant back-end technology update.

New Features

  • A new set of chart visualisations to provide totals of impacts broken down by progress status and impact level have been added to the impacts "visualise my data" area

  • A new set of charts that provide the stakeholder and audience sentiment, receptiveness and commitment measured against their targets have been added to the stakeholder "visualise my data" area

  • You can now filter table results by stakeholder profiling characteristics (e.g. sentiment, receptiveness and commitment)

  • Have also amended the display of filters when large numbers of filters are applied to improve visibilityAdded icons to filters


  • Added a intelligent return path for when clicking user links, so you return to the page accessed the user from rather than being taken to the list of users when clicking "back"

  • When viewing charts within the "visualise my data", tooltip positioning has been improved to avoid covering chart data

  • Free text search filters have  been removed to avoid duplication confusion with the search, all data remains searchable

  • Changes role and business area filters on stakeholders to be searchable auto-completes rather than free text

Bug fixes

  • Added missing data bar on stakeholders total chart

  • The filter reset button is now working correctly on stakeholders & audiences table view

  • All filter options are now displaying correctly

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