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29 April 2022

To give you greater control over who sees what, you can now manage the default permissions for your project. We have also enabled scrolling on tables as opposed to paging, to allow for easier and quicker access to your data.

New Features

  • Infinite scroll now replaces pagination on the following tables:Impacts
    Impact Groups
    Project Stakeholders

  • New advanced Project permissions including:Ability to manage access to Impacts, Stakeholder and Actions on a user by user basis.
    Ability to manage group level permissions.
    New way to manage project team

  • Labels can now be managed through organisation settings

  • Stakeholders and Audiences can now be added to Impacts from the quick create form


  • Mandatory fields for Actions have now been reduced to just the Name and Progress Status

  • Mitigations can now be sorted by Created Date

  • Added a reset filter button above all tables

  • Project Sponsors now appear correctly on organisation dashboard project list

  • When selecting locations in areas such as Impact creation/editing, the location search text is now cleared once a value has been selected.

Bug fixes

  • You can now drag locations in the location tree to change parents

  • Labels on Impacts can now be created fully

  • Impact & Action over time reports are now working as expected

  • Impact owner can now be left blank on Impact form

  • Clicking an Organisation icon now redirects to the correct page

  • Mitigation heading now showing correctly

  • Links created in the rich text editor are now showing correctly

  • Chevrons are now correctly aligned on Impacts

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