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19 November 2021

Notes can now be added and updated from the sidebar, enabling quick notes to be added whilst on the list view. You will also now return to the page you were previously looking at...

New Features

  • When using a slider, if Unknown is selected, you can now just click on the slider and it will automatically unassign Unknown and update the slider accordingly

  • When editing a piece of data, once completed if you select back it will now take you back to the page you were previously looking at

  • Notes can now be accessed from the sidebar for Impacts, Impact Groups, Stakeholders and Mitigations


  • If there are any data validations missing when inputting data, the validation warning will now appear at the bottom of the form rather than requiring you to scroll up to see what the issue is

  • Hardened cross site scripting protection has been implemented across application

  • Placeholder text has now been added for impact fields to provide additional guidance

Bug fixes

  • When updating impact types in organisation management, the changes will correctly reflect without the need to refresh the page

  • The title on all filter sidebars are now displaying correctly

  • The unknown box displayed on all stakeholder edit form sliders are now the correct size

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