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19 August 2022

We have been working hard to make the new grid format as easy and intuitive to use as possible through improving how you make custom views of your data, sticky filters and less fields.

New Features

  • Grid filters, sorting, column order and size are now saved when navigation between pages.

  • Stakeholders and Audiences are now managed from grids

  • Heatmap can now be filtered by Locations

  • Heatmap cells now link through to a filtered view of the Impacts table


  • Impact grid changes:Hide mitigation confidence
    Increase the width of the name column
    With the date picker, ensure the month & year dropdown are showing
    When setting the start date, make the calendar for the end date set to the same month and year as the start date

  • Quick linking to Impacts from Actions grid

  • New Actions can now be created directly from the Impact grid

  • Heatmap update: child counts are now included in parents for business areas

Bug fixes

  • Ref link on Actions table now opens action details

  • Organisation heatmap now works when data confidence is 100%

  • Actions cards on Impacts grid can now be viewed and deleted

  • Stakeholders now shows values only up to 10

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