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18 March 2022

We want our product to be flexible and we recognise you might not always have all the data you need to hand. We have shifted our approach to encourage incremental capture through the removal of mandatory fields and more emphasis on highlighting data gaps across your impacts, stakeholders and mitigations. Numerous core user experience improvements have also been made to speed up the capture, and improve the presentation of information you add to Insight.


  • You now only have to provide a title when creating an impact, all other mandatory field requirements have been removed

  • Mitigations can now be created directly from an impact

Bug fixes

  • Private projects now display on navigation, they were previously hidden

  • The prompts shown when navigating away from organisation managment to save your changes will now only show if you change one or more fields

  • Roles accessed through organisation management will now paginate correctly

  • The browser locale is now considered when saving dates  (e.g. US date format vs UK date format)

  • Mitigation type now displayed on the mitigations table (this was unintentionally hidden)

  • Impacts are no longer duplicated when the mitigation confidence is changed on an impact

  • Stakeholders, audiences and locations can now be added to impacts directly

  • The list of stakeholders attributed to impacts in a impact group is now shown correctly when viewing the impact group

  • Impacts can now be saved without selecting impact owner (this was an unintentional requirement for saving an impact)

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