Introducing Insight.

We’ve applied over 30 years of consulting experience to reimagine the change process, automating manual activities, enabling data-driven decision making, strengthening your ability to land change efficiently.

Empower your change teams to rapidly capture and interactively achieve data completeness.

Insight focuses your teams on what is important whilst giving you the flexibility to tailor your change workspace through custom fields and rapid master data management.


Surface and compare data across your organisation.

Quickly identify focus areas or data gaps ensuring you always have your finger on the pulse of your change delivery. Compare change delivery performance and analytical insights at all levels of your organisations.


Bring your data to life with our suite of interactive visualisations and metrics.

Gain a rich visual summary of your data instantly with trends, totals and multi-facet graphs to help you make the important decisions in your change journey and rapidly highlight key facts across your business.

Gain Insight.

With Insight, you no longer need to dig through Excel spreadsheets to get the answers you need. Your change data is at your fingertips accelerating your change journey, reducing failure and helping to drive real business benefit in your organisation.

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